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Proper Wire Usage Tower Speakers

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Im still a newbie to the forum, and learing tons everyday. I just purchased a set of Rockets from AV123. They arrive tomm. and need some help with wire. I read a few post about wire.

Anyways, I went to Fry's Electronics today and was confused on which wire to use. They had several different kinds of Monster. They had THX and XP. The XP was more expensive so that is what I picked up. 20ft. of 16 guage for 15 bucks. Should I use this or something better? And should I attach banana clips on the ends and will they work with the rockets? Thanks.
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Most around these parts are likely to suggest that any basic zip cord of appropriate guage is fine. I would tend to agree. Get some 12-gauge stranded OFC wire, easily available at any hardware store, etc. Monster is going to be way overpriced and unecessary.
Yup $15 will buy you a lot of wire at BLowes.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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