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My wife and I have finally agreed it's time to install a home theater in our family room, and as a result, we've evaluated the possibilities.

Our first design decision was that we would not tolerate speakers on the floor (except for a sub). This comes partly from an aesthetic concern, partly because of our plan for kids, and we don't want to have nice speakers be beat up by little ones. We recognize that this decision will cost us sound quality, however it's a choice we've made and that's that. We're quite sure we can't do in-wall speakers as the house construction doesn't warrant it. As a result, we're primarily considering on-wall speakers for the front, and in-walls for the surrounds.

We've been considering Monitor Audio Radius series for the on wall install; Probably R-180's for L/R, and an R225 for the center. I'd love to hear other options from those here.

Here is a picture with our preferred install locations numbered in order of preference:

There are additional pictures of our room here:

Our house

I've been considering pairing these front speakers with a Rotel RSX-1057 Surround Sound Receiver. I haven't made any decisions for a subwoofer or rear in-wall speakers, but I'd love to hear suggestions.

The point of this post was to solicit feedback and thoughts/suggestions on other possibilities. Please do share them with me, I'm looking for as much information as I can gather.


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