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Pro's and Con's BenQ W600+ vs MW512

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Image will be projected on a wall, not a screen.

Love the lamp live of the MW but the W600+ is advertised for movies, will it make a difference?


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I would actually imagine that the W600+ would be more fit for HT purposes. I'm sure the main difference between the two would be picture quality in video imaging capability and color wheel speed. Most educational/business orientated projectors such as the MW512 have a slower colorwheel as they don't have the need of a fast one due to majority of the content being still image presentations. They would probably be sharper and better at presentation material but not video content.

Not sure what your purchase of the projector will be mainly used for, but if bulb life is your main concern you should probably get the MW512. Otherwise also check out some of Cascio's Laser LED projectors with 20,000 hour lamp life. They won't be native widescreen display like the W600+ or MW512 though. In my opinion I would say the W600+ would be a great choice. It's also a very bright projector for its size, and if your throw will not be that lengthy, I suggest you to run it always on Eco mode and this way you can pull at least 4000 hours out of it.

What will be the main use for this projector btw?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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