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A friend gave me a nearly new Proscan 32LB30Q LCD TV. The back light is not coming on. I went into the back light board and found an IC chip that has the number BA768F (8 pin IC chip) that is totally shorted. The number on the chip does not cross reference with anything. I have contacted NTE and they have no Idea what the chip is. There is no way to contact Proscan, or their parent company RCA with technical matters. I would like to know if anyone has a suggestion as to how to get info on this, or if someone has a proscan 32 or 42 that is going to the dump that I can get parts off of. Otherwise this nice TV will go to the dump. By the way the local electronic dump will not allow me to go through their stuff to find a part. I have a 40 year old Phase Linear amp made in the USA that I can get any part for...What a shame..
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