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I bought a sharp lc-60le550u 60 inch tv.

It is a basic "non-smart" HDTV. Link to PDF for specs:  http://s3.sharpusa.com/product/datasheet/LC60LE550U.pdf




I have the following devices:

Sony PS3


Roku or other such streaming box (planning to buy)



Prospective solutions(?)


I found out that i can buy a sound bar with an optical audio in, use a cable to connect it to to PS3 for audio. For video, i can hook up my PS3 to the TV via a HDMI cable. Will this work?


For the chromecast, how can i ensure that i get sound through whatever sound bar i buy? Is it necessary for the sound bar to have an HDMI in?


(I have heard something about audio not coming through HDMI for sharp lc-60le550u and other such stuff, which i don't understand. Which is why i am posting here.)



Soundbar/ speakers + receiver ?


Considering the kind of TV i have, which route should i go? Should i buy a sound bar with a built in receiver, or should i buy a 5.1 /2.1 speaker setup with receiver?





I can go upto 400$ for an audio solution, as long as it sounds good, i am not picky.



I will do the research on what specific product to buy myself, not expecting you guys to do that for me.


Mainly, I need some information on what connections the sound bar/ alternate setup needs to have so that i can connect multiple A/V sources to my TV. The lc-60le550u has 3 HDMI inputs, but i read that there are some problems with getting the sound right with this TV. More details about the TV are present in the pdf file i linked to.


Please let me know if you need any more information or need me to do more research. 



An audio rookie
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