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Hello all,

I just got a ProCinema 800 with a Onkyo TX-NR515 receiver. I got everything setup this morning, plugged in the ProSub 800 and it has a constant hum to it and the red light on the back never goes off no matter how long I leave it on for. According to the manual the red light should go off when it is not receiving input.

The humming is constant and does not change at all. It happens no matter what the volume on the sub is set to and is constant with no input plugged in. Right now I only have it plugged into the electrical outlet and I am still receiving the hum. I have tried numerous outlets in my house and have even tried a different power cord than what came with it and received the same results.

Anyone have any ideas what is could be or is this sub garbage and I should contact the retailer?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Sub seems to be working fine when plugged into the receiver other than the constant humming. Doesn't sound blown or anything.

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Originally Posted by TrendyGUy  /t/1470230/prosub-800-humming-wont-turn-off#post_23252644

I contacted the retailer and unfortunately can not return the items. Any ideas on how I might be able to fix this?
Contact the manufacturer. It should be under warranty.
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