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Protron LCD TV's

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I saw these TV's on Shopnbc, and was woundering if anybody has them, and could share theie experience with them.
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Not sure about the tv's but sometimes customer service can be tough to deal with. At least that is what I have read on the net. Take it for what it's worth. Sorry I couldn't be more help maybe someone else can be.
Actually, didn't Sears and hhgregg carry these as well? I thought I did recall seeing one demonstrated last time I went to Sears. Maybe they had a bit of a dull look to the PQ on them, compared to a Samsung or a Panasonic, but not TOO shabby, that I can't rule out a Protron.
Protron which is sold by Sears.. ripped off the name of the most likely the best TV company in the world PROTON .. which was used for years only by Media Companies... anyone who has seen a PROTON could tell that PROTRON is a cheap rip off.. PROTON has sued PROTRON to cease using that name.

THe good news is that Proton has made a line of flat panels for home use... and are due out this spring... I've had a Proton TV for years and the picture is super...

I have seen the new ones working and they are heads above the rest and will be very compariable in price to the rest.
I am currently using the Proton VT-296 (27" SD), its about 15-17 years old (I can't exactly remember what year I bought it) but, it still rivals some of the best SD TV's out there today! Best TV I ever owned. I see they are coming out with a 55" LCD, problem is I can't find any distributors. The website link for distribution channels is inactive. If anyone knows where to buy these please post the information.
I think people are confusing the "off brand" Protron, with "Proton" who was once perhaps the best manufacturer of televisions available at the time. I've started a thread about the new sets from them. It could be interesting.

I too have a Proton VT-296. Purchased in early 90"s. Had tuner problems that kept blowing. After 4 dead ones....switched to a sony xbr... PQ was not even close. #5 is going strong for 15+ years. I was stronger then, after returning 3 sony 46v2500's....I'm taking a break. I will DEFINETLY Look into the real lcd Protons.

Just picked up this 37" set from Sears yesterday.I hooked up an antenna for over the air HDTV ,and a cable for standard cable reception.I must say the quality of the cable signal viewed on this set is not anything to gloat about,but i am impressed with it`s HDTV viewing quality. I`ts really not too bad considering the price i paid which was a clearance price of $899.I am a little worried about the manufacture warranty of 1 year(parts and labor) though which states that if service is needed it must be shipped back to a return center for repairs or replacement.I can`t imagine what the shipping fee would be to ship this unit back in it`s original box would be.Just a few observations on picture quality. I can`t seem to get the contrast and brightness dialed in to get a proper grey scale yet,just by using eyes for the calibration. Haven`t hooked up my DVD player yet to pop in my calibration disk,the set appears to have a slightly greenish tint to it on HD channels when using the Normal pict. mode, the default mode is way too bright for my eyes altho the greenish tint appears to be less visible.If anyone else has this set,please let us know what kind of settings your using to dial your`s in.Altogether for the price i paid it isn`t a bad looking set for HD viewing.Only hope i can adjust some of the settings to get a better looking pict.--Well,after spending a good part of today trying as best i could to calibrate this set for color and picture accuracy using Video Essentials,i`ve given up and returned it back to Sears.I noticed when i hooked up my DVD player using component cables that the set would lose signal every so often no matter which of the two component inputs i used.Started pulling and tugging on the connectors neerest the back of the set and every time i did that it would lose signal.Looks to me like a bad connector board solder joint or a board not seated correctly.When i got to the store with the TV the sales accociate at the pick-up/return area noticed which set i had and grinned ear to ear. I asked him if there were problems with this model as far as returns go and since i was returning mine he told me everyone the store has sold has come back for the same problem i had and also complaints of a terrible analog picture with a green tint.Exactly what i had. So i learned my lesson-never think you can save money and still get a decent HDTV.,at least not this model and i doubt any Protron makes.
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I'm looking for the best way to connect my tv to my pc. I do not have the manual for my tv since I bought it from a friend that lost it in storage. Anyway, can someone with the same tv give me tips on hooking my HDTV to my pc & cable box.
I bought, on ShopNBC, a Proton 37" HDTV, back in Nov., 2006. With travel that I do, I used TV about 5 months before smoke started pouring from back. ShopNBC disavows any responsibility for promoting and selling an inferior product, and refuses any reimbursement. The product is obviously a shoddy manufacture and anybody should avoid them like the plague. I`d like to hear from others with similar experience, and also from anyone with an idea forcing ShopNBC to be accountable for items they lie about and sell.
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