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This morning I had the pleasure of seening the first production demo of the 9410AV along side the XP18n.

The 9410AV which is a Sanyo rebadge, is rated at 3700 lumens with a contrast ratio of 600:1 and a native panel res of normal SXGA.

Up againist the XP18n it had almost the same black level but was much brighter. It had the most dynamic picture I have seen from an LCD yet.

Yes the image was a little blue and yes the reds where slightly orange, But the colors were overall very impressive more so than I think than the XP18n which ain't no slouch.

Although some aren't a fan of the Sanyo deinterlacers, I feel they are some of the best. And the scaling is impeciable.

Also at 3700 lumens it was actually bright enough to do a 30*40 screen very well. Even though that should only be technically 6Ft-L after the 2.0 gain screen is factored in.

Sanyo, uh hum I mean Proxima, is putting out some good stuff recently I sure hope it continues.

-Mr. Wigggles

Ps. No, I don't have pictures, sorry.

Pps. The coolest thing was actually the IMAX Snell & Wilcox style resoultion test pattern shown afterwards(I am talking film here). It is scarey how much res the IMAX has. I think it would take a video wall of 4 QXGA projectors to match it.


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