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PS 3 new sony 1080p and old yamaha receiver set-up

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Receiving my new SXRD KDS-60A2000

wish to use PS 3 as the Blu-Ray player

utilize Direct TV with high def TiVO

want to keep using a GoVideo DVD recorder/VCR

have a Yamaha AV receiver that does NOT have HDMI hook-ups but does do component switching:

Can I go with HDMI from PS 3 and HDMI from the DirectTV into the the new sony TV and have the audio go to the Yamaha

Can I have the Yamaha also continue in its current set-up with the component in from the Directv receiver and the GoVideo DVD and component out to the new TV

The olde TV being replaced was a Pioneer RPTV SD 58HD so it had no HDMI input available.

If I do the above, should my Harmony remote function well enough for the WAF?

Thanks in advance to anyone brave enough to tolerate my verbose syntax at 0100 hours

"Insomnia is the brain's solution for life's problems"
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The only downside with not running HDMI directly to the receiver from the PS3, is that you wont be able to decode the newer audio formats coming out. Like Doldy True HD and DTS Master Audio. So you'll still have to run an optical cable from the PS3, to the receiver. Which, if you receiver isnt HDMI, it cant do it anyway. You'll still be able to do Dolby Digital, And DTS though.
thank you, will i have lip synch issues?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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