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I know that this subject has kind of come and gone. There seem to be very mixed feelings about using an early model Playstation 1 as a CD player. I stumbled on the articles again today about the early PSX being somewhat of an audiophile grade CD player while searching for something else. I figured that since I had two of them I would just try it. I hooked the Playstation up and compared it to my Sony DVD player which run optical and there was a very noticeable sonic difference between the two. My first impressions were that the Playstation actually sounded better. I wasn't too sure so I brought my very non-audiophile wife (she hates A/V) and had her take a listen. I told her to simply listen and not try to examine the music, just listen. She heard the DVD player first and then heard the Playstation. She stopped me early on the Playstation session and said she thought the Playstation sounded better.

Now I'm not going to preach this to anybody. Far from it. I am well aware of biases of the brain modifying your hearing. When I first listened to the PSX I though maybe that it sounded better because it was missing whatever frequencies that nag my ears the most. This could still be true, I don't know yet. My question is has anyone else actually tried this thing out yet besides me? It has to be a SCH-1001 serial number that has the RCA outputs. Like I said, not preachin', I just wanna know if someone else has actually tried this.
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