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PS2 to X1 component problems - 480p w/ DVD but not games

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I know I'm going to slap myself when I figure this out, but it's driving me nuts!

I currently have an HDTV receiver, DVD player, and PS2 hooked up to my Infocus X1. HDTV and DVD are hooked up via component cables to the VGA input. The PS2 is hooked up via composite RCA.

Everything works well, 480p, 1080i, composite.

The problem is that I purchased a set of component cables for my PS2 and can't get a picture onto the X1. Example: Gran Turismo 4....I start it using the composite cable and everything works well. I get to the video options screen, select 1080i and quick change to the component cables. The X1 switches to computer as the source and displays the screen properly. But as soon as I click the OK button I lose the signal.

Any ideas?
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The problem is. With GT4 the menus are 480i. The only time it is 480p or 1080i is during gaming, it switches back and forth. Making it very difficult for us X1 guys with GT4, only way around it is to switch the cables back and forth between menus and gameply.Im in the same boat as you, im trying to figure out a way to make it work, but have not found a solution yet

I think I may be in this same boat.

I currently have the PS2 hooked up to the X1 via a svideo / RCA - R / W / Y cable and that works fine.

Then I went to infocus and ordered the 10.00 Vesa to RGB adapter so I could hookup a HD/RGB cable instead.

I then picked up a Mad Katz RGB cable for the PS2.

But when I go into the system configuration and change it to RGB nothing happens, then I switch the cable from the svideo to the RGB and reboot the PS2 and still nothing happens.

Now I know only the replays in GT4 are in 1080i but shouldn't I get some kind of video source?

The x1 only displays the blue screen where it's lookign for a source.

Though I would think in the System Configuration if I selected the RGB for the Component Video Out the screen would flicker or something but it doesn't?

Any help would also be appreciated.
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Like i said, the menus are 480i. Therefore if you are using the VESA port on the X1 it will not work because it only supports 480p/720p/1080i

I am using an svideo cable from my PS2 to my X1 now since the component cables do not work. It will work in GT4 but you have to swap cables between menus and racing.
Well, that's too bad! I was looking forward to the 1080i aspect of GT4. Oh well, I can't really complain. I'm having a great time playing on a big screen.

I appreciate the response. Thank you.
Originally posted by Juiced46
Like i said, the menus are 480i. Therefore if you are using the VESA port on the X1 it will not work because it only supports 480p/720p/1080i

I am using an svideo cable from my PS2 to my X1 now since the component cables do not work. It will work in GT4 but you have to swap cables between menus and racing.
I'm following you.

Here's the thing also though, when I go to the garage and select options and then screen; at the bottom I can change it from "normal" to HD 1080i (replay only I understand) or 480p (mostly only when your racing..gotcha).

Now if I change it to 480p right there it asks if its ok to change it right there from Im guessing 480i to 480p; and then once I click ok I lose the signal from the svideo (normal ) then I quickly within the allocated 15 seconds switch the cable over in the back of the PS2 to the component RGB and still I don't have any signal (even forcing the X1 to computer instead of the video option).

So If I've selected 480p and the screen warns me it will then change to 480p, shouldn't I be able to see it after I click ok using the RGB cable? I know it reverts back to normal because I guess I can't see it to click ok within the 15 seconds.

Otherwise are you saying I would have to click 480p but even though the screen warns you its changing to 480p it really isn't until I get into a race? I just dont know how I could tell it that I see that ok dialogue box to keep the 480p setting.

Also are you using that VESA to RGB adapter sold at the infocus store? I ask only because there are actually 2 of those that are very similar other then one is 10 dollars (VESA to component) and the other is 30 dollars (M1 to component) and neither states they are compatible with the x1, one is x1a and one is x2 so I'm a bit nervous I got the wrong adapter.

Lastly (I know long winded sorry =( if I wanted to use the x1 with the ps2 to watch dvd's in 480p do I have to do anything else? Is it the same deal for DVD's where the beginning menu is 480i? Because thenuke is able to view DVD's in 480p so I'm wondering if that's using a progressive scan dvd player or using the ps2 with the VESA to RGB adapter.

I ask only because I threw in some DVDs and I get nothing for a video signal out those either.

Thanks all for your help in advance I know I'm kinda green to the Component end of things.
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I guess an even easier question is if I have the ps2 hooked up to the x1 through a RGB component connection through the vesa port will it just play a DVD or does it depend on the DVD?
Rogu, when you select the 480p or 1080i option it and it asks you, it does switch, over to 480p but for a very brief moment. if you switch the cables fast enough and force the X1 to computer you will see the screen, then it will go blank again putting it in 480i. If you cannot see the screen when it switches to 480p, once you select yes, within those 15 seconds, just press the right button on the D pad once, and X and that will enable the 480p mode for racing. Once you get back to the 480i menu, you will see in the display options it will now say 480p instead of NORMAL. You are now in 480p mode, but of course only during races, so when the race comes on you have to switch the cable.

I have a 20' VESA to Component adapter cable going from my X1 to my Receiver which i use as a switch. I also have the Infocus cable Svideo to component, but i have yet to use it, due to lack of length of cables i have

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