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Hey guys last night I just hooked up my 3D A-1 kit to my Mitsubishi WD-65C9, which passes thru my Onkyo SR-608. I just completed the firmware upgrade to 3.50 on the PS3 and when I go to play the 3d copy of the Christmas Carol the PS3 brings up a screen that says please put the following disc in either a 3D compatible player or 3D TV? I also have the optoma glasses and the adapter must work becasue it says 3D normal on the TV and also I have set the 3D in the TV menu to on so there is a greenish tint, but no source material will play though. Since the glasses have the dlp link I do not have the emmitter plugged in so is that the problem??

Can someone help me figure out what Iam doing wrong.. Because I feel like the way it is setup right now it should work but the PS3 thinks otherwise.

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