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PS3 and diffrent volumes on your receiver?

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So I have to adjust the volume and more annoyingly the sub volume for games, downloaded trailers and Blu-ray. I don't mind the volume so much but Adjusting the sub gets a bit tedious. My receiver, panny xr57, does have a know lfe issue over HDMI, I am just wondering if its my amp or the PS3? Anyone else with a ps3 notice this problem?
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I doubt it's either. It's probably more a matter of personal taste and differences in source material.
well sub volume sounds about right at 5 on BD and on games it sounds good at Max (20) and on dowloaded trailers, I never get much bass, it like the sub is not working.
Where are you making these adjustments, on your sub? The level calibration in your receiver for the sub is from -15db to +12db. If this setting is too low, your sub may not be turning on when it's supposed to.
I am making the adjustments on the receiver.

Originally Posted by my65ffrcobra /forum/post/12903967

I am making the adjustments on the receiver.

On what screen are you selecting a sub volume of +20?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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