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I have my PS3 hooked up to a 7.1 Surround Sony receiver via HDMI. Settings are set to output LPCM. All my other games have no issues except for Resistance: Fall of Man.

The only audio settings I have checked are LPCM in the Sound Settings.

Whenever a cinematic plays there is a "Squelching" sound that comes from the 2 Front speakers. However, if I uncheck all settings and just have either DD or DTS selected the "Squelching" sound goes away.

When I redo the settings to have only LPCM checked, the sound comes back.

I have the "Greatest Hits version of the game if that makes a difference. I know sometimes when they re-release a game as a GH version they sometimes tweak the code and/or incorporate bug fixes.

Thanks in advance for any solutuions to this probelm!
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