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Just set up a new PS3 on my 60 LCD Projection Sony TV through Monster AV Component Cable (My TV has DVI which my HDTV cable box is currently pluged in, it does not have HDMI). Since I have an older DENON receiver, AVR-2800, which doesn't even have composite video, all components are currently attached directly to my TV and the TV passes the audio signal to the Denon receiver. Everything was working great and still does, until I turn on the PS3. I am getting 1080i fantastic resolution, but I'm hearing audio pops and static, which can be best described as over modulation (through surround sound). It is really bad when playing Ridge Racer 7 with the high pitch engine noises as cars passes. The problem only happens when I play ps3 games or blu-ray dvds, does not exist with regular DVD, PS2 game on same connection, or cable. I haven't checked yet as i just thought of it to see if the problem exist through the TV speakers. But is this a case of bad setup and/or time to update my receiver to pro-logic with HDMI conversion? Or is this a PS3 problem?

Your assistance is appreciated.
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