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Hi there!

I'm new to the forums, I was posting this on the PS3 forums and someone directed me here, apparently you guys know more and maybe you can help me out.

Here goes the original post:

So, I bought a LITEON external Blu-Ray burner and I wanted to test the AVCHD thing.

Supposedly, it's a way to record blu-ray quality stuff on a standard DVD.

So I popped the DVD in my external burner, hooked up to my mac running Lion.

I then opened Toast Titanium 11 with the blu-ray plugin, and selected the "Video" tab.

Then, selected the "High Definition DVD-Video" option on the left.

The disc I used was a standard 4.7GB one, so it allowed for only about 50mins of video. Enough for my testing purposes.

I threw three videos in there, almost filled the disc. 212MB left.

Toast took a WHILE to do it since it was encoding the videos to the proper format for me, but eventually it finished.

I popped the DVD in my PS3, shows up as AVCHD, play

Awesome! It works!

Well kinda. It went through the first video, with perfect seeking and everything, but as soon as it got to video number 2...

Error "This is an invalid disc". (80029905)

So, for some reason, it only reads the first video in the disc. Should I be doing something different?

Maybe encode the videos before I burn them, instead of letting Toast do it?

If so, which settings should I use? I'm probably gonna be using Handbrake.

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