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PS3 Bundle?

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I want to buy a 40 GB PS3 for my boyfriend to use for gaming and as a Blue-Ray player on our new 50" Samsung. I am seeing that you can either buy it seperate for around $399 or as a bundle for $498. But the only difference I see if it comes with 1 game and a "Bonus Intec Vertical Glow Stand w/ Cradle". What is that exactly? Because the game he wants is "Assasins Creed", which is on sale for $35 now. So is the stand worth $65? Not sure if I need to spend the extra $ on the bundle or not. Thanks!
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If he has ps2 games than get him the 80gig, if not get him the 40gig, it can do everything the 80gig does minus 2 usb ports and take the free movie and go buy him assasins creed!
I'd go 80gig, media card reader, backwards compatibility, 80gig hard drive etc.

I have the 360 verson of that stand....I used it for 5 mins. It's crap. I paid 9 bucks for it NEW on amazon.

Don't get that bundle if that is the only difference.....I think you are missing what else is in that bundle?
Ok. Bear with me here because I am obviously not a gamer

So he does have a ps2, but I am not understanding why I need an 80G? Whats the relevance of the 2 usb ports? I asked him if he wanted the 80G and he said it wasnt necessary. Explain please.

Also, as far as I can tell the bundle at Walmart only includes a game and the console for about $100 extra. Is there something else?
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The 40GB has no support for ps2 games, the 80GB has emulation software to let you play a majority of ps2 games on it.

The additional USB ports isn't a big deal, just get a usb hub if you need more plugs.

I wouldn't recommend the bundle, bundles work if you know that you want the complete package, but usually they throw in 2 or 3 things you don't want either to pad their profits. In this case, your paying $40 for the stand and $60 for the game. Get the original system (80gb) and go to monoprice.com to get a HDMI cable for cheap and you should be set.

As for games, I wouldn't buy a game unless you know he will enjoy it, you can always buy a game on the day you give hjim the system, that will make him quite happy.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks. That helped alot. As far as I know the majority of the games he plays are sports: Madden, NCAA and baseball. So do you think those would work on it? Thats a major plus because having to buy all new games sucks. Also, are there any other issues I should be concerned about as far as problems with the new PS3, Blue-Ray player or connection issues with our new tv? If Im spending that much on an 80GB I wanna make sure its gonna be amazing! Thanks!
if you have a PS2 already, personally, i would go with the 40GB model. it runs cooler, generally a little quieter, and uses less power. but if you're set on the 80GB model, you can check for yourself if the games you have will work by clicking on THIS link.

just get an HDMI cable and you should be ok. considering your b/f plays video games and you're interested in blu-ray hi-def movies, the PS3 is a no brainer. its a very reliable machine, and as far as a blu-ray player goes, Sony constantly updates it so it will compete with stand-alone blu-ray players for years to come.
I think the major decision point is whether or not you want a 40GB or 80GB, but other than that, get the HDMI cable and any games you want to bundle in and your all set.

Depending on your timing, you might want to check out the $100 dollar discount for signing up for a new sony card to use on sonystyle.com: http://www.sony.com/sonycard/ps3

This can make your 80GB price the same as a 40GB. Or knock off 25% from your 40GB price.

Hope that helps.

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