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PS3 ground loop?

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Hello, hopefully someone can help. In my theatre I have a PS3 (original model) in a system with an Xbox 360, Pioneer 82TSX receiver, Parasound amp and a Panasonic AE4000 projector. The PS3 is connected via HDMI; the Xbox by component. Note, there is no cable or satellite in the system though there is a wifi access point and switch. All are on same circuit.

When the PS3 is turned on, buzzing sound through all speakers. If I unplug the HDMI cable, no buzzing. Could this be a bad cable (don't have another to test with)? Or could this be dreaded ground loop, even without cable or sat?
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Is the buzzing sound low frequency (60hz)?
The cheapest, easiest way to find the problem is to first try a different hdmi cable.

Originally Posted by Run4two /forum/post/0

Is the buzzing sound low frequency (60hz)?

No, I would say it's midrange. Should also add that, as far as I can see, there's no video issues.
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