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Since I did not find much for alternatives to the Harmony adapter, I thought I would post my findings in case anyone was in the same boat. I apologize if this has been posted before, but least my searches did not turn anything up.

Trying to avoid buying the adapter since it would cost about 3 times more than my remote, I decided to plug in a USB IR dongle that I have from a HTPC remote, since I thought this remote worked as a generic keyboard and mouse:

While this did not work for either PS2 or PS3 commands, I found that several of the keys programmed for my HTPC did what I needed and gave me at least basic play/pause and navigation.

HTPC Enter = PS3 X.

HTPC Arrow keys = PS3 Navigation

HTPC Close (Alt+F4) = PS3 Start Key (Chapter Select or works as play/pause)

HTPC Esc = PS3 Circle

The keys needed to make this complete would be:

HTPC F1 = PS3 Triangle.

HTPC F2 = PS3 Square.

HTPC F3 = PS3 Select.

I do not know of any keyboard in the Harmony database that would work with this IR receiver to give the Windows function keys, and I do not have an IR keyboard that I could learn them from. If anyone knows of anything in the database that would work please feel free to post this info.
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