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I hope this is the correct place for this topic, but I could sure use some help. For the last few months I have been unable to get a picture via HDMI when I hook my PS3 up to my receiver. I had moved it from one TV to another temporarily and upon hooking it up, the picture was gone.

I still got sound, but no video. I remembered from previous no video problems that if I hit the Audio Input and Video Input buttons on the remote, and changed the settings to HDMI\HDMI on both the audio and video that i got everything back. So I went looking for my receivers remote, and it was LOST!

After weeks of being plagued by the inability to perform the fix that I was sure would solve my problems
, finally today i was able to get my AR remote to perform the function that I needed it to. ( I had to set an IR sequence in the remote that allowed me to set up an activity on the remote that triggered the function. Not a perfect fix but it changed the settings. )

So I hook everything back up, sure that it will work, but still NO PICTURE, but i do get sound Via HDMI. Component works just fine, its just HDMI I can't get work.

At this point the only red flag that I can see is under the settings on the receiver One setting is HDMI Select and allows choices of either VCR or DBS, but no option to select DVD, which is what I have the ps3 plugged into. But I am sure that is anything because the second port for an HDMI cable can either be used for VCR or DBS, and it lets you choose what one you want.

HDMI also works fine if its plugged directly into the TV

About the only thing that I have not tried yet is moving my HDMI cable to the VCR(DBS) slot instead of the DVD slot.
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