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ps3 super slim hard drive swap

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i want to swap the hard drives in the white super slim ps3 (500gb) with the one in the blue super slim (250gb), so i can have the better hdd in the blue one. i have tried physically swapping the two but as soon as i start one of them after, it displays a message about partitions and tells me to press the ps button to restart the system. when i do, it just repeats the same message. does anyone know how to do this or am i stuck with the smaller hdd in the blue super slim ps3?
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I've only swapped drives in the slim but from what I'm familiar with the PS3 should make you format the HDD. Each HDD when formatted is tied to that system so when you want to put it into another system is should format it again. Not sure why you're getting the restart the system loop but you can try getting to the safe mode and see if any of those options help.


If you still want to swap you will have to download all your content again to the larger HDD after it's formatted.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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