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Googled some virtual-travel (VT) DVDs meant for watching while on an exercise bike--about 12 mph along Ireland's coast, for example; not limited, of course, to just that use. Scenes were taped in HD but AFAIK are only on SD DVD. Wonder if anyone's marketing VT Blu-rays or educational Blu-rays with game-like features also linked with PS3 (or XBox) interactivity?

One early VT disc developed (for research) at MIT let you video 'travel' through an existing small town, then click a cursor for more information about objects of interest. Change the travel path to go inside a museum, for example, or click a restaurant passing by to see its menu, etc.

Educational VT Blu-rays might let you click a mountain passing by for a local-geography map and data, or a historical site for scenes/data. An astronomical VT Blu-ray for the PS3/Xbox might use NASA/JPL images for VT over Mars, etc., letting you change direction for VT down canyons--as often seen on Discovery etc. HD shows...with added features such as freeze-frame, then showing feature names and other data. -- John
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