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PS3 wireless connection?

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I was trying to set up an internet connection last night with my new PS3 and it would not finish connecting, just kept saying check security setting on router or something like that. It detects a signal at 50% and goes through the motions right up until the end. Any one else have this problem with a motorola modem and netgear router. I am really computer illiterate and was just hoping that it would just connect for me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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most likely an encryption problem. if its wep you need the key and theirs also wpa and other things. cant really tell you whats wrong without having it in front of me or without more detail. but im gonna guess and say its cause your router has encryption enabled and yoru not entering it into your ps3.
network key is what he needs...
if he has encryption enabled.... if not then it could be that he hasnt has dns dhcp activated on his router somehow. like i said we need more detail.
he might also have restricted mac address on the router which was what happend with me when i tried unsuccessfully to connect my ps3 online wirelessly.

for someone computer illiterate u'd have to get someone who knows what they're doing to help you out.

your issue most likely come down to 2 issues, both of which will require you to access the router with your computer.

first issue is security setting, whether u're using WEP or the other available options, you will need to enter a key to allow ps3 access to the router.

second issue is the mac address, my router had a section where u can enter address allowed by the router, and any other address were being blocked. once i disabled that function my ps3 connected. outside of being able to download some 1080p trailers and game demos, i mainly wanted the web connection so i can leave it on Folding when not using. should help warm the room in winter as well.
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Even if he has the encryption key entered properly the router needs to be set on "open" not "shared" for the PS3 to work with it.
If you cannot resolve your encryption issue, you might wanna try putting your PS3 in DMZ.
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