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Hey, everyone,


Not sure if I'm posting this in the right section, but whatever.


I'm having a bit of trouble concerning the picture on my TV. I know that the PS4 gives you the option to output the color range in "Full" and "Limited" under the settings menu. However, I also have a "Black Level" setting on my LG HDTV that seems to do the same thing. I had the PS4 outputting in "Full" and had the Black Level on my TV output in Auto. However, games looked really washed out and the blacks were gray. If the Black Level on the TV is set to "Low" (my only other option) while the PS4 is set to "Full", it crushes the blacks and makes the picture dark. I then tried setting the PS4 to "Limited" and the Black Level to "Low". This combination gave me the best results. I now have the PS4 outputting in limited color range and have the TV set to full. It seems to look the best, but shouldn't the PS4 be the one outputting in "Full" instead of the tv? Any help?


To summarize:


PS4 "Full" + TV Black Level "Auto" = Washed Out

PS4 "Full" + TV Black Level "Low" = Crushed Blacks


PS4 "Limited" + TV Black Level "Auto" = Washed Out

PS4 "Limited" + TV Black Level "Low" = Seems to be the best.
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