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Psb 25 or MA Br2...?

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Looking for decent bookshelves,I've narrowed my options on these two,only jazz music,small room,not very loud listening.The amp is a Cambrigde Azur 640 V2.

There are some good reviews on the Psb 25 and I was almost decided when a friend told me about the Monitor Audio Br2,smaller and perhaps more delicate in mids and highs (his opinion).

Any help about your experience with any of them will be greatly apreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Anyone........ please.....?
I listened to the PSB Image 25s and the smallest bookshelf in the Bronze line (not sure if that is BR2?). I listened to The Wall; no jazz. In that comparison I thought the PSBs blew the Monitors away. No competition. Clarity with PSBs on some details in that recording were markedly better imo.
I'd second droht. I listened to both the BR2s and the B25s. I thought the B25 offered more clarity while the BR2 was muddy. The B25s also looked better and that sealed the deal.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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