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I am new here and was hoping to get some advice regarding a tower speaker purchase.

I have demoed and like the PSB T6 very much however with all of the great reviews I am reading about the NHT Absolute Zero I am now stuck and not sure what to do. Considering I cant demo the NHT's I am tempted to go ahead with the PSB purchase. I can get the PSB's for a little less than a grand out the door. or the NHT with the free center channel.

I just received my pioneer vsx-1120-k. To go along with my Olevia 747i

PS3 and Time Warner. Sirius and HD Radio tuner.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


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For an extra $100, you can upgrade the Absolute Center CC speaker to the 2C, which is a true 3-way design, and well worth the extra $$$. It will be FAR superior to the 2-way AC or the PSB T6's matching 2-way CC speaker at THE most important channel in a surround system.
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