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PSB Image vs JBL Studio L

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Hi guys,

Very soon I'm going to be buying my speakers for a dedicated home theatre.

The room is about 14'x23' and I'm pretty sure I'll be putting all the speakers behind AT material.

I have room at the front of the theatre to fit floor standing speakers (again, behind a mesh) but I dont *have* to have them. I just want the best sound for my dollar.

Anyways, here are the two packs and the costs:

1. PSB Image

2x T45

2x B15

2x S50

1x C40

1x Subseries6i

Total cost approx $2000 AUD.

2, JBL Studio L

4x L820

1x LC2

1x L8400P

Total cost approx $2600 AUD.

I'd rather not spend more if I'm not getting much out of it, as I'd rather put it towards another part of the house but if there is a real difference then I might spend the extra. Has anyone got any experience with these? If I go the PSB route I have to buy the immediately as they are not going to be brought into the country anymore and they only have a few sets left. In fact, the S50 would have to be white colour.

The PSB has floor standing speakers, and is 7.1 with dipoles so I can get the THX sound, but is that enough to make up for the difference in speaker quality. Is there a difference?
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Nobody knows anything about these two sets of speakers?
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