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Hey all,

I'm looking for some input on what setup you would recommend? I've got a denon 1610 in a room that's about 18x15 and opens up to a kitchen and small dining area. We sit about 8' from the tv and listen to music and tv/movies.

I'm looking at any combo of -

2 T5's, 2 T45's, 2 T55's

1 C5, 1 C4, 1 C40, 1 C60

possibly a sub?

I'm a little confused on what center to match with the tower's and whether I absolutely need a sub or not. Are the new T5 series that much better than the T45 or T55's? Also, I do not have a PSB dealer anywhere close to me so could anyone recommend any place to order online?

Lastly, could I get away with going with a bookshelf route and a sub instead of going with towers to save money? What are the pros and cons there? Can a C4 match with the older T45 series?

Thanks so much!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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