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Hi all,


I have a Rotel 1066 preamp, Rotel 1075 5x120watt amp, nad cd player and the Psb t-65 speakers.  What would be a good amp for these speakers?  I like to listen to them loud, and I find that I do not have good enough control over the woofers this amp.  It works wonderfully at 1/2 to 3/4 power but above that it seems to tire as it starts to work hard.  I have a budget up to $2000 that I could spend, but would really only like to spend $1000.  I like clear, distinct sounding instruments and good vocal reproductions at 75% up to 90% of total power available (I know, I want the sky and then some lol).  I also only use two channels so I only need a two channel amp,  any help would be appreciated.



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