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I saw a post recently that touched on this but I thought I'd ask some specific questions, as I'm not sure whether the things going on are DST-3000 related, Sacto OTA related, or something else.

I was having a problem with local cable - the stations were still on my APG, but I wasn't getting a signal. So I did a re-scan and updated the "guide data" for my DST-3000 and sure enough it fixed that problem. It also had an additional benefit of showing programming info for *some* of my Sacto OTA stations. But it didn't work 100%, and it caused an additional minor re-mapping problem as well.

There are 4 Sacto stations, none of which had PSIP info previously:

- CBS (Analog ch 13, Digital ch 25)

- ABC (Analog ch 10, Digital ch 61)

- FOX (Analog ch 40, Digital ch 55)

- NBC (Analog ch 03, Digital ch 35)

Here's what happened after my re-scan:

- ABC: I have APG info, correct mapping to ch 10-1

- FOX: I have APG info, correct mapping to ch 40-1

- NBC: I have APG info, but it won't map to 3-1, only 35-1

- CBS: I have no APG info, and two channels now show up: ch 13-1 is the "HD" version, ch 13-2 is the "DT" version

So, here's what I now am looking at:

- ABC and FOX are working correctly. YEAH!

- NBC shows guide info, but I now have to go to 35-1 in my APG. And that stinks because I have a Pronto with an NBC logo button that maps to 3-1, which now says "channel unavailable".

- Finally, CBS, which I watch the most, still doesn't have APG info, and that really stinks because CBC-Sacto (KOVR) has their regular programming an hour ahead of the HD lineup, so I really never know what's on at what time!

Any ideas? Is this just early adopter crap or does someone know if the remaining problems can be resolved?

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