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My AX100 has a brightness problem. When it first starts up it is fine. After 5 minutes or so it changes to about 1/2 brightness and then has this random flicker in brightness, every few seconds, fraction of a second, or minutes. The brightness changes just a bit for a fraction of a second. When I start it I use NORMAL mode but when the picture switches to dim I have to go up to the DYNAMIC mode. I have turned off the light harmonizer and dynamic iris and I do not use econ mode. I also installed a line filter. Nothing helps. There are 900 hours on the lamp and we have had this projector for several years. I had the shutter turn off problem last year and thinking this might be related, I lubed the shutter again but that wasn't it. Firmware is 1.09, which has some flicker fix in it, so that isn't it either.

I posted this on another thread but see that you have to go through 26 pages to get to my post so thought I better start a new thread. Hope that is OK.

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