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PT-L500u screen size and placement questions

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I am going to pull the trigger on a 500u tomorrow or the next day. Unfortunately, it will sit in its box for another month or more until I get the ceiling of my HT finished.

Based on screen size and placement, I had a few questions:

1. The ProjectorCentral shoot-out article on this PJ recommended a screen size less than 100" and I was leaning towards a 92". I also demoed the PJ at 92" and was very happy with the picture. Will I see any real PQ differences if I go with a 106" screen (all other factors being equal)?

2. The manual provides distance ranges for each screen size. I would prefer to get the PJ as far back as I can. Is there any real disadvantage to putting it at the far end of the range for the picture size versus the closer end?

Any guidance anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.
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1. Yes. Your PQ will degrade as you increase screen size beyond 92"; a 106" will be more faded than a 92".

2. No. The zoom can be used without degradation of PQ to maximize the distance to your screen for a given screen size.
I agree with 1Time. I use a 92" with my 300U and did notice a difference (however slight) when I went from an 84" screen. I sit about 1.5X screen width from the projector, which for your 500U should be even better.

If you can place your seating 1.5X from the screen and have the room for a 106", then go for it. But remember that ambient light will be even more critical with that size image than with a 92" image.

I shoot my 500U on a 106" Da-Lite HCMW Model B and think the PQ looks great. Keep in mind, however, that my previous PJ experiences were with business class machines viewed with some ambient light. Now that I have total light control, I couldn't be happier with this combination given the low price.

Even with a 60 watt table lamp used off in a nook of my HT (i.e. no light shining directly on the screen), I think the PQ is bright and clear.

Thanks much guys.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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