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I got a PT43LC14 with Comcast HD (Motorola 6200). I connected both components input and DVI-HDMI to the TV. Here are my questions:

1. I always got 720P with HDMI while 1080i with Component regardless of what HD channel I am watching. Is that normal?

2. Sometimes when I turned on the TV (in HDMI) while the cable box is on a HD channel, I would see 1/4 of the screen shift left/out and wrapped aorund on the right side. By changing the channel, it went back to normal. Problem with the TV or cable box or HDMI cable?

3. When I change from an HD channel to a SD (analog) channel (and vice versa), the screen sometimes turned blue-ish (like looking through a blue color filter). By switching back to the last channel (HD SD), the problem went away. I tried turning on the "Color Correction" option but it didn't help.

(2) and (3) only happen when viewing with DVI-HDMI input. It never occured with Component input.


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