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Purchased a new projector with no audio out wondering if anybody has a solution for my optical audio problem?

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I recently purchased a new projector and to my surprise there was no optical out or any other kind of out coming off the projector. The Epson 5050ub projector only has inputs apparently, this is a problem because my sound bar only has an optical in(it also has the red white and yellow RCA cables but obviously not going to use those). As I Live in an apartment 90% of the time when I am watching the projector I use headphones as to not disturb my neighbors so this sound bar is adequate for what I need it for and upgrading would just kind of be a waste of money. My set up is, I have my projector connected to an HDMI switch with my Nvidia shield, Xbox, and home theater PC(I don’t really use the home theater PC that much) plugged into the switch and then an optical HDMI cable that runs through the ceiling to my projector. I then had the optical audio cable running from my projector to my sound bar again through the ceiling. The only thing I could think of that I could do would be to split the signal and use an HDMI to optical audio converter on one leg and then connect the other HDMI to my projector but that’s a lot of HDMI connections… If anybody else has any ideas for a solution I would appreciate any advice.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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