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purchasing a home, and looking to start piecing together a home theatre system.

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im completely novice when it comes to this. the only audio system i purchased was over 10 years a 2.1 klipsch computer speakers.  I want a well rounded system, i will listen to music often,(some days 50cent others bach and on sunday its acdc) i will play video games on ps4, watch sports, tv shows and movies. I wanted to start out on as small a budget as possible without having to upgrade later. im thinking just start out with a pair of bookshelf speakers under $1k, and whatever receiver i need to power those speakers, and a sub and the surrounds in the future. i need advice on what AVR to get. i would like a well built receiver to put out quality sound. im flexible on the price if it could be had for 500 thats great, but if i would need to spend a grand on it i will.  im open to all suggestions, i was thinking to go with tower speakers before but with the dimensions of my tv area im thinking some quality bookshelf speakers will be fine, if im wrong or anyone has any suggestions please chime in.

i was thinking about going with focal chorus 800 series speakers. here is the floorplan of my home. please give me your ideas and advice thanks.

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If the drywall hasn't been put up yet, I would look into running speaker wire to the back of the room.
The home was built in 2006, so running the speaker wire behind the drywall prolly won't happen, I was thinking about getting a larger baseboard trim and using a router to make channels to run the speaker wire to the closet under the stairs on the right side of the picture i posted and then up to the ceiling for the rear speakers. I also saw a product called Sewell ghost wire i haven't really looked into it much yet because i really don't know anything about audio equipment. What speaker wire would some of you recommend? Is there any quality speaker wire that is flat that I could use to power the level of speakers I'm looking to purchase?
Is the floor hard surface or carpet?
The flooring is carpet in the great room.
Can you tuck one wire in the crease down each wall? One to the corner at the closet and the other along the short wall then under carpet to the corner at the pantry? Then up the corners to the speakers. Could possibly hide up the corners behind 1/4 round painted to match the walls.

I planned on running both wires along the right side wall, and then once to the closet up to the ceiling and over to the pantry via that route, im weary of running the speaker wire under the high traffic area under the carpet.
Speakers on stands take up about the same floor space as towers. Are you really using shelves to place the speakers on? What kind of space will you have for the center speaker. That may make a difference as to what LRs you get. If so, at $1K for a pair of bookshelves you have a lot of choices. Search for some threads here as that budget has been used before.

Spend as much as possible on a sub or subs. That has the greatest "impact" on your home theater. Pun intended.
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The media niche is about 2 ft recessed in the wall and directly above that is another recessed cavity or mantle I would say both areas are about 5 - 6ft wide I planned on putting the center there it will prolly sit about 8 inch above the tv and about 5 feet off the ground, will that be too high
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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