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My Dennon 1604 bit the dust yesterday - flashing standby syndrome. It was superceded when bought and cheap - any repair would likely excede the purchase price (please let me know if I am wrong!!!!!)

This is for a secondary system - I have a dedicated 2 channel.

The room is reasonably large - 3000 cu ft, and the main speakers relatively inefficient at 89db (Mission 705's), Mirage centre and a pair of Sony floorstanders for rears which my wife wanted for asthetic reasons??

Running a Xbox 360 (HDMI) plus a Samsung BluRay and Samsung Plasma.

Spend half a day on the phone. Looking for the biggest/best bang for my buck.

Came up with the following list in ascending price order. (Cheapest AUS$900 and the most expensice AUS$1350) - some floor stock.

Yamaha 633.

Denon 2307

Integra DTR 5.9

Cambridge 640

Rotel RX 1067

I have a feeling it will be a compromise between the latest and newest features and sound and build quality.

Any thoughts suggestions most welcome.
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