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I am selling as I have another one. Now that I have Class D amps, everything can plug into just one.

Summary of Features:

Regenerates incoming power to provide clean Balanced Power

Battery Backup

Noise removed from power lines as this device regenerates all new power

Allows instantaneous power requirements to exceed the rated output of the circuit.

Will continue to operate attached components for a good while (depends on load) such that they can be turned off appropriately as opposed to being shut down by loss of power.


New was $2600

Asking $1000 + shipping


The PurePower provides truly regenerated pure power regardless of what problems exist in your utility supply. This is accomplished through our double conversion technology. We convert the incoming power to produce a clean DC current, then recreate a 50 or 60 Hz reference grade AC wave form from the DC. No spikes, sags, surges or other power disturbances can be passed through from input to output. Some products designed to clean or filter the power can reduce the current to your amplifier. The PurePower+™ maintains a 120 volt output (230 for international models) +/- 1% with up to 92% energy efficiency and a power factor of more than .99. All of our APS models can deliver their full rated wattage even during short or long duration power sags. In fact, they deliver continuous full power even if you're getting extended periods of as low as 55 volts at the wall outlet (110 volts for international models.)

In addition to pure power, the PurePower provides you with something unique in audio power regenerators - protection against power outage. The PurePower maintains full wattage output even when the power fails completely. All PurePower models give you continued pure power at full output and quality from minutes to hours, depending on your consumption. With the option of adding PurePower PowerPacks, you can have several hours of full power while your neighbors are in the dark.
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