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OK, I'm almost there! Have finally gotten the VGA input on my analog Pioneer Elite 710HD to accept a 960 x 540 progressive signal from my 7950gt video card using the latest nVidia PureVideo drivers... not much luck with other custom timings though...

Anywhoo, I have an obvious overscan problem with my TV and can't control the overscan through the TV menu's, so I'm hoping to find some kind of configuration or control with the PureVideo drivers that will allow me to shrink the overall picture size. The drivers let me adjust and center the image, but not shrink.

ANY info on how to shrink my image slightly so I can see the entire desktop would be MUCH appreciated!

BTW, one more thing. I am NOT using my tv's Component In, so the Nvidia is configured to drive an analog display. As a result, the TV oriented configurations are NOT available to me when I navigate the Nvidia Control Panel.

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