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Push or Pull air

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Ok, I have two vents going into my HT room to help control the room tempeture not including my regular heating and cooling vent. These vent enable me to bring in cool/fresh air into the room and take out hot/old air out of the room. This give me a little better control of my room temp. I am using two 500 cfm fans inline with my tubing leading to the room. My question is which is better, to push air or to pull air through the 6" vent tube? I can either mount my fans at the beginning or the end of the vent. Each vent is about 6' long made of insulated fexiable pipe. Which way will I get better results from my fans?

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other things being equal, it doesnt matter.

The fans wont know the difference.

Id keep the fans as far away from the room as possible.
I had the same thoughts too.

For a dust free room, you would blow air into the room from outside, sucking through some kind of filtration (replaceable filters that are a common size). Doing this means the air is reasonably clean, and the room under a small amount of pressure so that no dust can get in from elsewhere.

It might also eliminate drafts.

Those are the only advantages I could think of.


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In general, it's always better to keep the noise of the fan motor and blades as far away from the theatre as possible. The 6' of flexible air duct will help diffuse the "chopping" you can get from the fan blades.

I assume one duct is pushing air into the room and the other is pulling air out. Are you able to put these at opposing ends of the room to promote circulation?
My 2 cents...

Use the fans on the outgoing air. The noise of the fan will be blown away from the room that way.

Ok, how I have the two vents set up as following. The first vent is located towards the front of the theater and is the in take air vent. The vent runs down through a falls column and discharges at ground level. The second vent is located at the bacck of the room and removes the air from the room and is located at ceiling level. Both fans are going to be controlled by a X-10 off my Pronto remote.
Just my two cents but pulling air is more efficient. I'm a computer hardware tech (large systems not pc's) and all the systems I work on use the fans to pull the air. This is also what the instructors at the tech schools pointed out. Sometimes these systems will use two fans in a push pull cfg. This allows the use of smaller quieter fans.
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