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putting AV jacks in the wall?

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Hey. I'm trying to do something pretty simple, but I just need some assistance getting started.

Our new house has a TV nook above the fireplace. We have a 55in CRT, which obviously won't fit in there :). So, we've decided to use the nook to house our AV equipment instead. The problem with this is that we have nowhere to run the cables. It looks terrible!

So, we were thinking about mounting jacks into the wall inside of the nook, and behind the TV (which sits in the corner of the room, only a few feet from the nook. Then we'd just run the wire through the wall (the garage is immediately behind this room, so it'd be a piece of cake). This would also be convenient, so we wouldn't need to pull the TV out to hook up new things.

Where could I find AV jacks & plates for a decent price? We're on a budget, so we're not looking for anything crazy. We do need the full assortment of jacks though... DVI, component, optical audio, etc.

Any suggestions would be appreciatd!


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Maybe just use panduit on the garage wall and just cables, no jacks. Hide the openings behind the TV/equipment. On the wall in the family room use a double gang cut in ring with a blank plate. Cut a hole in the plates large enough for the cables.
Remember a garage wall is a fire wall in most locals.
Forget about jacks for all of this. IMHO.

Cut out and install "old work", low voltage-backless boxes and run your wires straight from equipment to tv.

Cover the boxes with something like this:

(note that there are single gang and double gang versions)

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