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the best possible choice you could do or buy a bigger Runco.

I own a VX-1000ci and have a 710 in my cinema as well in the moment.

My screen is vutec grey dove.

If you want to go with digital out i can?t recommend because i?ve didn't seen a good DVD with DVI here in PAL country. If you want to stay analogue give the Primare V-25 a chance or better if you can get a V-20. With the quality of the Runco deinterlacing, there is absolute no need for a progressive scan DVD. I compare the V-20 with a Denon DVD A-1, the Denon looks a little bit sharper, but the saturation/color Fidelity of the V-20 was far!!! better.

Enjoy you new baby


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
Not open for further replies.