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Putting recordings from my E80 to a computer?

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how feasible is this? can i copy video to a dvd-ram and then copy them to the harddrive of a computer? can i take a show recorded on two discs in XP mode and copy them onto a computer and burn them as a two hour program on a single disc with minimal quality loss? i have tons of VHS concert shows that i would like to design menus for, something a little more flashy than the E80 generic menus. any help would be appreciated :)
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first question, yes.

second question, yes, no, yes. :D

Yes, you can burn it as a two hour disc, but no, only at SP speed, but yes, it will still have minimal quality loss.

Thanks, Bummer, Thanks again! :)

i appreciate your help...time to go buy a new computer :D
I haven't done it myself yet, but if I've been reading this forum correctly, many advocate that you are better off to manipulate your DVD-RAM files from the RAM disc (necessitating a drive that can read RAM, which, if you are buying a new computer, it'll be something that you add separately as it's not typically something packaged with most computers) and not transfer it over to the hard drive.

Doing it this way will save lots of time, and also, possibly save yourself from a slight loss in quality due to the reincode necessary to go from RAM disc to HDD and back to DVD-R/+R.

I'm sure if I botched that explanation to any degree, one of the board savants will gently correct me.
check out this thread for more recent discussion in a similar vein.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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