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I have a Sony NX-810, Time Warner 8240HDC cable box, Pioneer VSX-60, Oppo-93 BluRay. The internet connection

is attached directy to NX-810 to access online. When I stream Amazon online movie, there is no sound delivered to the


However, normal cable tv viewing is no problem. Cable TV audio is delivered to the VSX-60 via the 8240HDC into the NX-810

with ARC cable to the VSX-60.

So, why doesn't the online movie sound get delivered to VSX-60 via NX-810. I can hear the streaming movie audio via NX810 speakers. but obviously I

want movie soundtrack through the VSX-60.

( And yes, I have tried setting the NX-810 audio Sound Setting to external, instead of TV speakers...made no diffference)

Any ideas??
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