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PVC foam board screen for Acer K750

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Hello AVS Community! I finally pulled the trigger today and soon to be the proud owner of the first hybrid projector on the market. It amazes me that this didn't explode and has me wondering if it was the limitations of the light source with respect to green hues as the AVS review acknowledged, or if it was, in fact, a more sinister ploy and possible collusion that has stymied this innovation just like the electric car. Was it cutting into Acer's other projector sales? Was it the replacement bulb market that was concerned? It's all dark ploys I tell you! I went with the K750 so I don’t have to worry about how much each minute is costing me in bulb life and energy. My primary use will be online gaming via Xbox One. I also PC game some, stream a lot and play downloaded content. I am trying to decide between dedicating an extra bedroom as a home theatre or making it the living room replacement for my 42” LCD, so I don’t have details just yet for the layout or ambient light situation. I have some time as it is being shipped from England to Oklahoma. $1240 American. Here’s the link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Acer-K750-1080p-LED-Laser-Hybrid-DLP-Projector-/171208054625?pt=UK_Computing_Sound_Vision_Projectors&hash=item27dccb9761


I made my decision based on research here and at Projector Central, but mainly on this thread:




And this review:




I almost went with the BenQ 1070W which, I know, would have provided a better picture for less money. Wish it was through Amazon, but as you know it was discontinued. This price beats the $2000 elsewhere. I missed out on the bargain prices of $900 or $1000 plus a “free” monitor; at that time I was still researching and getting ready to buy a new car - lesson learned. I still feel this will at least equal out in cost of a traditional light source with replacements, but low maintenance was just as important as sudden down time is something I want to avoid.


I plan on building a PVC foam board fixed screen so I will have a thread in the DIY section here:




I’m pretty sure this will be a ceiling mount. More details when I have time. Thank you AVS for all of the information I’ve scoured from your site and all the help I will ask for in the next few weeks.


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Woops.  This was supposed to be a reply in the K750 thread here: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1400678/acer-k750-led-laser-hybrid/210


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