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In terms of PVR image quality with MCE 2005, what should I be expecting? Should it be better, worse, or comparible to the SDTV's tuner?

I'm using analogue cable hooked up to a 27" SDTV. When switching between MCE's Live TV and my SDTV's cable tuner, the quality is not the same. There is more noise noise with the SDTV's tuner, but MCE Live TV is a little fuzzy and less detailed.

Also, are there any tweaks I can use for the NVIDIA DVD Decoder to improve image quality? Does anyone know of a tweak guide for this decoder?

Lastly, do people usually view TV through the PVR functionality of their HTPC or just their STB or tuner?

My system setup is as follows:

MCE 2005

NVIDIA DVD Decoder 1.00.67


ATI eHome Wonder

- I am considering testing out the ATI Theatre 550 Pro...

GeForce 6600GT AGP w/ ForceWare 66.93

Athlon XP 2600+

Albatron KX18D ProII nForce 2

Thanks for any input,

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