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Since I don't have cable TV, and stations come from two different directions, the antenna rotator was a necessity!


Homebuilt 1600MHz Duron on ECS K7S52A mobo 640MB RAM

60GB HDD for system files, and 200GB for videos only

Two other servers on network to hold pictures and music.
Hauppauge PVR-150MCE tuner card (Recieves and encodes analog TV, and captures video from Digital STB below)
USB-UIRT (Sends IR commands to rotator and digital STB)
Channelmaster 9521 antenna rotator (Rotates antenna to directions preset for each channel)
Samsung SIR-T150 DIgital set top box (Recieves Digital TV and outputs to S-video)

2X Hauppauge MediaMVP D3A , one in living room and one in bedroom
GBPVR , with PlainJane and UbuStream plugins
Girder (This was needed for the programming flexibility to access secondary digital channels, since the STB needed "up arrow" command to get to -2 and -3 channels)
VLC (used to capture and transcode streaming internet video)
[email protected]

What it does:

Records, plays, time shifts analog or digital TV

Rotates antenna automatically for the station being watched or recorded

Stays completely silent, since the server is in the computer room and only the MediaMVP is in the bedroom and Living rooms.

Plays internet videostreams, Webcams, YouTube videos on TVs

Cleans out commercials from recorded shows

Views picture slide shows, plays music library

Views Weather reports, movie theater listings, Rss Newsfeeds,

Has highly adjustable skin appearance

Cures diseases in it's spare time

All of above sitting on the couch using remote.

And the Wife uses it.
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