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Q for REPLAY : Multiple Units

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I noticed that you responded that currently, there is no specific multiple-unit support, specifically in reference to a separate set of IR codes.

My question - do you anticipate SOME sort of method to own two Replay units in the same setup? I personally have a 2020 and a 3030 (maybe next year I'll get a 4040 ) and I've read how the others are stumbling around this annoying problem. It seems like a jerry-rig method to do it, something I'd rather avoid.

I'm not expecting a clear answer (we're talking about Replay here, JK), but is there ANYTHING on the horizon for updating existing units to aid in our use of 2+ units?

I appreciate your response, I hope to not cloud this thread with mindless chatter, I'd love to get some real... 'estimations', by the REPLAY folks.
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One of the ReplayGuys said they are working on it.


Great. I hope it comes soon!!
This feature has been requested since the very early days. When I bought a second unit to add to my ReplayTV 2003, part of the reason I decided to get a TiVo was to avoid the IR conflict problem. The other part was so that I could compare them in real world usage. Having had both for some time now I find that the Replay suits my usage patterns better. I replaced my 2003 with a 3060 and will replace the TiVo with another 3060 once there is a solution for controlling multiple units independently.

As you all know, TiVo has had a solution to this problem for a while now. I hope that this feature percolates to the top of Replay's list sometime soon.

Joe Pasqua
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