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I have a Qlink system which was installed in 2002. Everything works fine (except it is the worst time keeper I have seen in an electronic item). I was looking at the option of upgrading the system and noticed several comments on this board about the process.


The system has two cabinets and is using seven modules currently and roughly 35 keypads plus one LCD unit.. After looking at the information on the vantage site it looks like the only incompatible keypad I have is the lcd unit which would need to be replaced and the slave unit would have be kept as is.


I am the homeowner so I do not have any history of upgrading these systems.


I have looked at the programming changes which would be required and don't see a problem with them. My question is,


Is it worth upgrading and how easy or difficult should the upgrade actually be?


Thanks for any comments.

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Hi Bcrown

We are large Vantage dealers here in Los Angeles since the late 90's.

We have upgraded many Q systems to Infusion.

You can keep your keypads and modules, but may not be able to keep the touchscreen.

You will also need to reprogram the system in its entirety.

Where are you located?

We may be able to help you do this.

If you are interested, please pm me, and I can get some more details from you.


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