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Hello folks,

I have 2 picture modes missing.
In SDR I should have Dynamic, Natural, Standard and Movie mode.
In HDR I should have the same modes but with a dedicated setting. It should switch by itself to the other setting.

My Problem here:
The TV displays that I am in HDR but I still use the same setting in Dynamic and Natural which I was already using in SDR. Nothing changed! On Movie and Standard it behaves like it should. Only in Dynamic and Natural it does not.

My troubleshooting so far:
-Factory reset 3 times in service menu.
- changed the hdmi ports, problem is in general
Talked to Samsung who wants me to force to do an update which I denied because of performance issues above 1202.

My Question:
What can I do to fix it by myself to get my 2 separated settings back?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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