The first QLED International Forum was held in Beijing on April 13, 2017. The China Electronics Chamber of Commerce (CECC)—the official regulatory and legislative body for the Chinese electronics industry—hosted the event introducing the QLED TV Alliance.

Manufacturers including Samsung, TCL, and Hisense plus various suppliers and distributors met with the explicit aim of growing the global QLED TV Market.

First, let's look at what QLED TV is. Per Samsung (owner of the trademark) it means Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode, and it's available for use by its competitors. The company says it's a product category, and my editorial litmus test for whether that's true is simple: If other companies go along for the ride, then it's a category and not merely a marketing term.

That's a broad definition; it encompasses the current LED-lit LCD QLED TVs as well as potential future self-emissive QLEDs that function much like OLEDs . Consequently, in the future it's possible we'll see a variety of different TV types referred to as QLED. But for now, QLED refers to transmissive LED-lit LCDs of the edgelit and full-array local-dimming (FALD) varieties.

Nanosys was at the QLED International Forum and gave a presentation covering the appealing qualities of quantum dots. For one thing, they provide some of the most vivid color and brightest highlights you can get from a TV. Plus, they are stable and durable.

"Because Quantum dots use inorganic materials, our displays can provide the utmost display quality without problems that leave marks on the screen, such as burn-in, or affect the lifespan of the product," said Liu Junguang, Samsung Electronics’ VP of visual display business.

The opening address of the Forum, given by CECC Vice Chairman Liu Yufeng, noted that about 3 million QLED TVs sold in 2017 and expectations are that number will double in 2017 to 6 million. Even more dramatically, there's an expectation that sales of QLEDs will triple in 2018 and exceed 18 million units. Sounds to me like TCL and Hisense are gearing up to join the QLED party in a big way.

Speaking to the attendees, Professor Peng Xiaogang of Zhejiang University summed up the significance of quantum dots’ development. "Quantum dots are the best lighting material that mankind has ever found. The pure color representations, brightness and other features of quantum dots are characteristics that other display technologies would have difficulties to take over."

The QLED TV Alliance is real. Welcome to the QLED era, folks.